Hummingbird Mission

Expressing Love More Fully

Building Fund Campaign April 2017

$30k Secures a Lease with an option to buy & continues existing Community Services in Titusville & Mims FL.

$100K Secures a Lease with an option to Buy &

Launches some additional Community Services

$300K Buys the Building with a mortgage & Launches some additional Community Services

$500K Buys the Building & Launches all New Community Services

Please open your heart.  5,000 people giving $1,000.  is all it takes to make a difference and influence the course of human events.

Thank you for your donation of any amount


No donation is too small to reach a target GOAL!
Growing by Faith

What we do now:

Food Pantry



Work Clothes



Job Placement



Baby Food





Free Events

As we Grow we foresee:

Community Vegetable Garden

Shower Trailer

Laundry Trailer

Computer Resource Center

Youth Educational Support                 Group "College Bound"

Therapeutic Meditation    


Donations needed but not limited to: 

Service Program Donation:

Non-perishable Food

Unexpired Baby Food






Clothing-Men / Women / Children




New Shoes for Kids

Toys and Games

Books and Puzzles

Coats/Blankets for homeless

Diapers (all sizes)

Hummingbird Mission’s purpose is to provide financial support to the Food and Clothes Pantry while offering affordable merchandise to the community.

Our non-profit organization relies on donations from all of our friends and family in order to support the community that we live in.

Many thanks to the following who helped to get us started.

Juliet G.-Titusville

Shirley P.-Melbourne

Lilly F. - North Carolina

Rev. Linda T. - Titusville

Micheal T. - Titusville                    Marilyn C. - Orlando

Rev. Wayne W. - Apopka             Andre B. - Titusville

Jeany G. - Mims                           Clyde W. - Titusville                   Audrey B. - FT. Lauderdale          Sue R. - Titusville

Audrey H. - In Loving Memory     Wanda C. - Titusville

Kate R. - Titusville                        Nikki L. - Titusville

Rev. DeeDee W. - Titusville          Nancy B. - Titusville

Vilma W. - Orlando                       

Titusville Chiropractor and Injury Center - Park Ave. Titusville

Food Pantry        Any amount

Hummingbird Mission

any amount

Eggtastic Easter
Your $60. donation feeds an entire family during Spring Break and Easter.
Fundraising starts now until March 31st
Goal: 200 families


Life Changer $5,000.00

Positive Change. Your donation of $5,000 will support all 5 Missions or chose to support each individually for $1,000. Hummingbird Mission appreciates your support of any amount.

Diaper Depot

Free diaper. Essential 

New Shoes for Children

Every baby needs their own pair of shoes.

Coats / Blankets           for the Homeless