Hummingbird Mission

Thrift Store is Closing 2018

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

In 2012 Carla and Gina saw first hand were children where not getting enough food to eat in our community. Together they set out to make a difference. With the help of Barbara and other friends, these ladies provided food for the Holidays to needy families. In the beginning they started out with 45 families which quickly turned into over 200 families. Their mission work needed a home. With the help of friends and family Jacqueline and Gina found such a home and named it Hummingbird Mission.

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Mission Statement: Helping the community achieve personal and spiritual aspirations through love in action.
Vision Statement: A community where enjoyment of life is realized through love and support.
Purpose: To provide affordable merchandise to the community which supports our Food and Clothes Pantry.

The Hummingbird and Food

The Hummingbird is filled with high energy.  This energy gives the Hummingbird the ability to develop, be resilient, optimistic, independent, remove negativity, be flexible, develop skills, adjust quickly, adapt to situations, stand strong through personal aspirations, and have a positive outlook. In order to maintain this high energy the Hummingbird requires nourishment at all times.

As we look in our community and see our neighbors in need, the Hummingbird is a reminder, that everyone has to have nourishment to survive and achieve greatness. 

Standing strong to give support through personal adjustments. Encouraging everyone to express love more fully